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After premiering in the fall of last year, the [wa:|wa:] Festival has returned. In the courtyard of the Kabawil studio in Flingern there is plenty to see: a
showcase of all that has been developed in our studios over the course of the year and what is still in development.

Over ten days the [wa: | wa:] festival presents events incorporating both national and international artists. Experience everything from dance
and music to performances and photography to exhibitions and even events to participate in.

Kabawil always works to an annual theme – in the past themes have included space, home or identity.
In 2018 the artists of Kabawil and guest artists from Germany, Ghana, Mozambique and Palestine will explore the hidden (#VRBRGNS). For us the hidden is what is not visible, not readily apparent as present or recognizable. Created from this perspective the [wa:|wa:] festival showcases different and multifaceted artistic positions and productions in dance, music, theater and sculpture.

And in between, our festival lounge tent offers participants and visitors
a cozy room, to eat or drink in peace, to talk and reminisce about the [wa:|wa:] experience.

We warmly invite you to come and visit the hidden; to discover the languages of the different artistic facets and enjoy.

Petra Kron
Artistic Director Kabawil e.V.

Admission to all events is free.

Friday, September 21st

Festival opening
with District Mayor Dr. Uwe Wagner,
Framewalk Performance and Africa Unplugged Jam Session
Kabawil Studio, 7pm
(conducted in English)

Framewalk – The Poly-Private: a dance, music and theater performance
with young actors from Germany and Ghana.

Framewalk is a cross-cultural exchange project of the performing arts of Kabawil, where young performers come from Germany and other countries, to develop a joint production.  This year the group explores the subject
Privacy / public. What is private, what is personal? Where does the public begin? And what are the differences between Germany and Ghana?

In connection:
Africa Unplugged: Jam Session with Kyekyeku, Nana Senti, Abiodun Odukoya, Dariya Maminova, Thomas Klein and others.

Kabawil Special:
delicacies from the African-European Fusion cuisine


Saturday, September 22nd

Open program for guests from the neighborhood and a KabaSkillz Performance in the Kabawil Studio

10 to 11 o’clock: Public Tai Chi hour
with Mark Sackeyfio, Tai Chi teacher from Accra, Ghana

11 am to 12 pm: Open neighborhood breakfast in the courtyard
All neighbors are welcome and invited to bring something for the buffet table.

from 11 o’clock: Pleasure P.
The Pleasure Gäng & creative helpers:
Graffiti Livepainting “Colorful Leaves” – a striking wall design in the yard.

12 to 13 clock: Waltz dancing
for all those interested, with Othello Johns

7 pm: KabaSkillz presentation
Participants from Kabawil productions since 2003, working towards
a career in dance, music and theater common together to develop, within a single rehearsal day, a stage presentation with Kabawil Spirit.


Sunday, September 23rd

Master Classes music and dance
Kabawil Studio and Monastery Flingern, Flurstraße 57
(conducted in English)

From 10 am:
Advanced, young performers from 18 can register for the Master Classes with the Framewalk Artist Instructors from Accra, Ghana and Dusseldorf for a one day workshop in the disciplines of dance and music.

Registration and information: info@kabawil.de

Dance in the Monastery Flingern:
with Horacio Macuacua, Jude Kurankye and Takao Baba

Music in Kabawil Studio:
with Kyekyeku, Thomas Klein and Abiodun Odukoya

6 pm: Master Classes presentation in the Kabawil Studio


Tuesday, September 25th

Kabawiler Round # 3

& Exhibition Opening
Kabawil Studio
(conducted in German)

6:30 pm: Exhibition opening of “Unseen”
A collage of photographs of the workshop “Unseen” with the artists Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber

7 pm Kabawiler Round # 3 Art = Activism?

Betty Schiel (freelance journalist and film curator, Dortmund)
Guy Dermosessian (Kalakuta Soul Records, Bochum)
Klaus Klinger (Farbfieber e.V., Dusseldorf)
Moderation: Eva Busch (anthropologist, art scientist, Atelier Automatique, Bochum)

Wednesday, September 26th

Spoken word
Poetry performances
Kabawil Studio

4:30 pm to 7 pm: Inner Voice – Open Taster Workshop (in German)
with Angela Kamara For everyone over the age of 16 who enjoys writing, writing and has a love for a playful use of the German language.

7 pm: Poetry Performances and Open Mic
(conducted in German and English)
With contributions from the Kabawil Workshop Inner Voice this event is open to anyone who wants to present their texts in their own language on stage.

Registration for poetry contributions in advance:
Special Guest and Moderator: Mr. Black (Accra, Ghana)
Music: Amajour

Thursday, September 27th
Flingern Walk
Meeting point Kabawil Studio, 6pm
(conducted in German)

The musician and photo artist Stefan Schneider and the native Flingeran Flora Rüegg show the quarter that has developed so rapidly over the past 20 years, offering a new, exciting and very personal point of view.

These two two present a unique pair (Rüegg is 30 years younger than Schneider) each revealing hidden corners of Flingern and introducing you to people whose life is closely linked to the neighborhood.

Following: drink and open discussion with, Flingeranern’ as well as photos of Bruno Feldmann for History of this courtyard in Flurstraße 11


Saturday, September 29th

Presentations in Photo/Film, dance and music
Kabawil Studio
(conducted in German)

5 pm: Film presentation “Hi Zahid, this is Kristin”, exhibition and talk with Kristin Trüb This work tells of the encounter between the Afghan Refugee Zahid and the author Kristin Trüb.

17:30: Best of …
Results of the school workshop with Students of the Franz Jürgens Berufskolleg.

18 clock: Elli and Inanna Werkprobe
presents extracts from the Dance theater program with Dusseldorf women (refugee and local women and girls), exploring the non-visibility of women in our society.

18:30: Dance Show: Takao & Friends – Open Stage
performance of Urban Contemporary dance.

From 19:00: live music with the Kabawil Family Band & guests

The Kabawil Family Band is an open source one-world Music Collective and was created in 2016 from the Kabawil project: al-āilatu with refugees and local people.

You Shall Rise is an intercultural music ensemble of eleven
Musicians from 7 nations.

From 21:00: Kabawil Dancefloor with DJane Vineetha


Sunday, September 30th
Children make Culture
for children over 6 with their families and friends
Kabawil Studio, from 12 o’clock
(conducted in German)

Open workshops
from 12 o’clock: Streetdance, graffiti, building instruments with hose
and much more.

2 to 4 pm: Kids T-Shirt Screenprinting Action.
You can print your own t-shirt with a great design. Please bring your own T-shirt (light fabrics, the motif is printed with dark color).

There is also coffee and cake.

Exhibition Hidden Faces: Presenting photos taken by children in Accra,
Ghana and Dusseldorf.

Bumble Brass Brass Ensemble: These 10- to 12-year-olds musicians cover a wide spectrum from classical to pop under the direction of Jenny Heilig.

Kabawil e.V.

Since 2003, the Düsseldorf Verein Kabawil e.V. has conducted workshops and cultural projects in a variety of fields, including dance, theater, music, performance, creative writing and photography. A team of high caliber artists, educators and cultural managers, many of them with migrant roots, offer a diverse range of artistic techniques and creative work processes. Within that, Kabawil creates a common cultural environment for work and

Kabawil has been at the heart of the Flingern district since 2008. At home in the backyard at the Flurstraße 11 Kabawil has 300 square meters of rehearsal, performance rooms and studios.

Kabawil has been working since last year to reinforce the connections to the district to intensify and engage with both artists and cultural professionals
as well as with the network of institutions and facilities.
In 2017, for example, numerous projects were launched in cooperation with schools in Flingern, with the aim of promoting the interaction between art, community and school.

The quarterly discussion event Kabawiler Runde continues with topics such as New Socio-Culture or art = activism? apart and brings many different
artists of the city together with interested citizens in Flingern.


 [wa:|wa:] Festival 2018 is supported by: Jugendamt der Stadt Düsseldorf, Kulturamt der Stadt Düsseldorf,  Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, IJS e.V. Individueller Jugendhilfe Service e.V.