Strategic Performance Agreements Solas

Over the past 12 months, each of the 16 ETBs across the country has worked with SOLAS, the national continuing education organization, to develop three-year customized strategic plans. SOLAS has also published a national agreement setting out sectoral objectives to which each ETB will contribute on the basis of its local economic and community profile. Future Ready Learning – Strategic Performance Agreements: Developing the Further Education and Training System 2018 – 2020 describes how ETBs, with their continuous training offerings, will individually and collectively provide in six key areas, including: job creation for the economy; Moving to other learning opportunities Developing cross-cutting skills the extension of lifelong learning and the provision of continuing education. In the region, there is a real appetite for education and learning, and limerick and Clare Education and Training Board wants to ensure that FET`s offering in the region focuses on critical skills needs, focusing on providing priority skills needs and ensuring sustainable learning for all. Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board have been working at the heart of the community since 2013 and offer a diverse range of educational programs for the region. The priorities set out in the agreement will contribute to ensuring that continuing education is sustainable and responds to the changing technological, social and economic landscape of the Limerick and Clare region. Andrew Brownlee, Executive Director, Strategy and Knowledge, SOLAS, said: “It`s a pleasure and a real learning curve that has worked with ETB on agreements. The commitment of ETBs to their region is evident and we look forward to helping them achieve their goals. 29 January 2019 0 Comments Posted in: News FET, Continuing Education, Strategy Paul Patton, Director of Continuing Education, Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board, described the benefits of the agreement and what it means for the region: “The implementation of our 3-year strategic performance agreement is an important step in the development of continuing education in the Limerick and Clare region. It foresees an overall increase in activity in the provision of FET provision and assistance services. This will benefit learners, employers and local communities, especially those looking for work or working.

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