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Sir, the NSIPS site has moved: www.nsips.navy.mil Of course, I believe it`s an updated link to NSIPS: nsipsprod-sdni.nmci.navy.mil/. All NSIPS links have been updated via the website. Have a good time! Street cheers at TEXAS! Kb Business Online Quick Guide . All rights reserved. This work is confidential and its use strictly limited. Use is permitted only in accordance with the terms of the agreement, according to which there are 274 CDTC Listing 1. Rank/Rate The current course/rank on which has actually advanced. 2. Name The name of the person listed. 3. Department The current department to which the person is attached.

4. Div The current division to which the person is associated. 5. CC indicates whether the member is currently assigned as a career advisor department/department. 6. Report date The current reporting date for the unit. 7. EAOS The current course of active mandatory service. 8. SEAOS The last sweet expiration of Active Obligated Service. 9. PRD The current projected rotation date.

10. CDTC Date The last date the Continuing Career Development Course was delivered from the Career Information component of CIMS. August 12, CIMS 30 3.1 CCC, DDCC, CSCConfiguration Account 3.2 System Access Authorization Requirement (SAAR) Browse your Internet Explorer window to the NSIPS page. 1. New User Link When this link is used, a new SAAR application is launched and the ONLY NO-ERM USERS page is loaded. (See Figure 3-1.) 2. ERM SAAR Validation (Supervisor) Link Supervisors use this link to validate new user accounts. If you activate this link, the SAAR validation page will be loaded. Enter the reception code. This process is explained below in this chapter. See Figure 12.

August User Manual CIMS 9 19.1 Request contract data Request Member Information Member Information Information Employment Information SRB Pre-Certification (Active Duty) SRB Pre-Certification (Active Duty) SRB Pre-Certification (Active Duty) Career Options STAR Career Options Discipline – Conversion Career Options Evaluation Marks – Commanding Officer`s Remarks 34 3.3 CCC Account, DDCC, CSC Pt 1 1. NAME (Obligatory) The name of active and reserve personnel already in NSIPS is automatically reduced. Other staff who are not yet in the NSIPS, including civilian staff who have access to CIMS, will be asked to post warm messages; and you have to manually enter the name in the following format LAST Name, FIRST Name MI. NOTE: After the coma, there is no space according to the last name and the first name. 2. COMMAND UIC (Compulsory) the current IUC for Active Duty and the reserve staff already in NSIPS will be automatically filled in. Other staff who are not already in the NSIPS, including civilian staff who have access to CIMS, must manually access the IUC. 3. SUBMIT This button begins the next phase of the application process and opens a new page. 4.

CANCEL This button cancels page entries and returns the user to the Splash NSIPS page. 5. RESET This button removes all information already entered on this page and allows you to enter user information on August 12, user manual CIMS 316 MGIB-SR (Book only) 1. UIC 2nd tier/rate identification code The current course/grade that has actually advanced. 3. Name The name of the person listed. 4. The offal displays the assigned persons. 5. Div shows the people to whom the division has been assigned.

6. GIB Status Shows the member`s current gi Bill status code. 7. GIBE Shows the current eligibility date for the GI bill. 8. GIBSD displays the current start date of the IG invoice.

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