Franchise Agreement Terms And Conditions

12. The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (“PPSA”) 12.1 In this clause, the declaration of financing, the declaration of financial amendment, the security agreement and the security interests are given to it by the PPSA. 12.2 In writing, the customer accepts and accepts that these conditions constitute a security agreement for PPSA purposes and that there is an interest in security: (a) all accessory items previously delivered to the customer by IFB; (b) all ancillary parts will be delivered to the customer by IFB in the future; and (c) by storing all current and acquired assets, including all costs for which the Customer has at any time sufficient right, interest or authority to grant a security interest to ensure the repayment of all the Customer`s monetary obligations to IFB for services that have been provided in advance and which will in future be made available to the customer by IFB. 12.3 The client undertakes (a) to sign all other documents without delay and/or to provide other information (complete, accurate and current in all respects) that IFB may reasonably require; (i) register a financing statement or a statement of financing change regarding the interest of securities in the Register of Personnel Titles; (ii) to register all other documents that must be registered by the PPSA; or (iii) to remedy a defect in a statement 12.3 (a) (a) or 12.3 (a) (ii); (b) BFIs for all costs incurred in registering a funding return or declaration of a change in funding in the Register of Staff Titles established by the PPSA or the release of incidental property, in order to compensate and repay compensation upon claim; (c) not to register, without IFB`s prior written consent, a declaration of financing modification in relation to the interest of securities; (d) without the prior written approval of IFB, not to register or register a funding declaration or a declaration of funding change for ancillary items in favour of a third party. 12.4 IFB and the client agree that sections 96, 115 and 125 PPSA do not apply to the security agreement established by these Terms and Conditions. 12.5 The customer waives his or her rights to receive notifications under paragraphs 95, 118, 121 (4, 130, 132 (3) (d) and 132 (4) of the PPSA. 12.6 The client waives his rights as a lessor and/or debtor under paragraphs 142 and 143 of the PPSA. 12.7 Unless the OTHERwise agreement of IFB in writing, the Client waives his right to receive a confirmation statement in accordance with Section 157 PPSA.

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